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Computer hardware is a collection physical components that comprise a computer system. Without hardware your computer won't exist. Hardware are of two types i.e. internal hardware(processor, drive, RAM, etc) and external hardware(keyboard, mouse, printer, etc) . By adding the new adapters or cards to a computer u can change the modular configuration that extends the computer capabilities.


Sofware is a set of instruction that provide the interaction between the hardware and the users. Software are of two types, application software which are used to perform a specific function and system software which are used to provide the platform to run an application program. Once the software is loaded into the computer’s storage, the computer is able to execute it.


Email or electronic mail is a method which used to exchange the digital information between the users to provide a mode of communication. With the help of email user can interact with anybody anywhere throughout the world. Email system is a secure way to send confidential information to the users on the web.


Browser is a software application for traversing information on the wold wide web. To access an informaton on the browser user have to type the url of the website. All the browser allows the user to access muliple website at the same time in the same window. Browser provide the secure and easy way to delete personal information.