How To Add Recovery Email in Outlook Account?

If you want to replace or add the recovery contact details such as email address or phone number in your account for the Outlook account recovery.

You can follow the steps given below to add or replace the recovery email address on your Outlook (Microsoft) account:

  • Go to using any browser in your computer
  • Log in to the account
  • Click on the profile at the top right of the screen where you see the initials of your name or the avatar
  • Now you will be able to see MY ACCOUNT screen
  • Click on VIEW ACCOUNT Option.
  • At the top of MY ACCOUNT screen, click on SECURITY
  • After that Click on the UPDATE INFO button
  • It might ask you for the verification, you need to follow the onscreen instructions
  • Now you need to click on ADD SECURITY INFO
  •  Click on the option and get the drop-down list, you need to click on AN ALTERNATE EMAIL ADDRESS
  • Now you need to enter the recovery email address
  • Click on NEXT
  • Now you will receive an email with a code to your new recovery email address, you need to verify the code and click on NEXT

Once you verify the code through the new recovery email address correctly, the new email address will be added in the list of your Outlook account recovery email.

Know how will you be able to recover Outlook account without security questions

Searching out the Outlook account password recovery process? Then stop your search here and go through this article to get a step by step guide to reset the password without security questions.

How to recover Outlook account without security question?

  • First and foremost, you have to visit the Outlook account recovery page.
  • Fill in the email address or phone number and click the Next option.
  • Further, you have to select the Forgot Password option.
  • After that, choose a recovery mode either an email address or phone number to get verification code for your Outlook account.
  • On choosing an email address, you would get the verification on the registered email address. On the other hand, if you choose phone number, then, you would have the verification code on your mobile through text message.
  • Once you get the verification code, you are required to provide the code in the given space.
  • Thereafter, you would require to create a new password and confirm the password as well.
  • Besides, you have to save the password.

Apart from this, if you need to get help from the experts for Outlook account recovery without security questions, you can contact the customer service team to reset your account password.


How To Reset Outlook Account With Help of Outlook Account Recovery Experts

Microsoft has top most product and provides amazing services. Its a IT based company giving the best outlook to the user. The outlook email provides best webmail services to the user. Users query are solved easily by contacting the outlook customer support number.

The Outlook email that gives the best security to the folders that are provided by the user. The immediate effectiveness can be obtained with ease and the spam messages are stored in the separate folder. The hazardous glitch that takes place while working on the Outlook email is the forgetting the account password. The ability of the Outlook email is to keep out the spam messages out of the system. The helping nature gives the best policy to the user. There are ways to reset the Outlook email password.

Recover Outlook Account Via Outlook Account Recovery Support

Outlook being the official account of the microsoft company let the users to use all the services of the company by login to the account that they create by entering certain required information. Being the novice users the company provide them the page where they can simply register their information and can use the things further. Now when you register for and use it, you get a email address as well as the password that the user need to remember to login to the account for the further use. But think of the situation where you do not know the password or the email address.

In that case you can not use your account since you can not login to it without the password. The only option to do is the outlook account recovery and that can be done with the help of the recovery phone number.

Follow the steps written below:-

  • Here at the very fist step visit the page of the outlook password reset, once you do do then you have to simply enter the information required.

  • After that you have to choose the reason for the reset and then click on the next button.

  • And then it is the time to enter the full email address which is basically ending in the domain name.

  • Then enter the characters that appears on your screen and then you have to enter the recovery phone number.

  • So that you can enter the code on that number on to the right place to reset the password.

  • Once you have done that then you can form a password of your choice and save it for further use.

So this is the simple process of doing the outlook password recovery in just few steps.

Procedure To Reset outlook Password

  • The User must select the option why to reset the password
  • User have to give the Microsoft account in which want to recover the password
  • Now you have to type the characters and enter the next option
  • User must now reset the password with the new strong password
  • A confirmation email is sent to the user  for verification.
  • Now user is logged out from the devices
  • Now user can use the reset password with ease

Hence the procedures are being provided by the Outlook account recovery number. Therefore, The immediate help is being provided at the high end. The major importance of the customer care team to get the immediate prior help and guidance to the user. Reset the password with simple procedures. The security is the main reason to get the help and priority to get the error free solution. 

Recover Outlook Email Account Via Using Recovery Email

Follow the steps mentioned below to recover your Outlook email account with an email address.

  • Open up your web browser and then navigate to the password reset page of Outlook
  • Select the "I forgot my password" link and then and then choose the "I forgot my password" option from the pop-up
  • Hit the  Next button and then enter your Outlook account’s username or password
  • Next, you’ll need to do the Captcha verification and then click on the Next button
  • Now you will see the account verification page. Here you’ll need to choose the described account recovery option i.e. email address. However, if you haven’t set up your alternative email address yet then you can enter a different email address of yours into the next text field. Now select the  “I don't have any of these” option and then follow the onscreen instructions to recover your account
  • Get the code and enter it into the given field and then create your new password

Furthermore, save the changes and then update them into your Outlook devices. Hope this article on how to do Outlook Account Recovery with Recovery Email has been helpful to you.




17 Sep, 2019

How to Recover Outlook Password in Windows Phone?


17 Sep, 2019

When you need to recover the password of Outlook email account, you should be aware of the resources to verify your account. In order to verify your account, you are required to enter the correct registered mobile phone number, alternate email address, and security question. Check out how it works.

Following are the ways assisting you for Outlook account recovery:

  • First and foremost, you need to visit the Outlook email account sign-in page.
  • Do effort to enter the correct email address and password and click on the sign-in button to access.
  • If you are unable to access click on forgot password button and move to the next to enter the mobile phone number.
  • Your mobile phone should be registered with the account and then check it to receive a verification code.
  • Enter the code into the field and then a password recovery link will be showing on the next page.
  • You can now enter the password into both new and confirm password field simply.
  • If you still if you are unable to complete the process you can have immediate assistance of a tech support team that is available at every short span of the time.



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How To Change Outlook Password?


04 Oct, 2019

If you have forgotten your Outlook account password and not able to access your account then you can perform Outlook account recovery and change your Outlook password. Afterwards you can use this new password to log in to your account once again.

The steps for Outlook account recovery are given below:

  • Open Microsoft log in page and tap I can’t access my account
  • Tap I forgot my password in next page then click next
  • Type your Outlook address and a CAPTCHA will appear
  • Enter CAPTCHA code as it is in the box
  • Then click recovery phone number or recovery email
  • If you click phone number you will receive a security code in your number linked with your Outlook account · Copy the code and paste in the box to proceed further
  • You can choose recovery email to get security code if you don’t have access to your Recovery number
  • Open recovery email and note down the security code send by Microsoft
  • Enter the code in the box as it is and Microsoft will take a few seconds to verify the code
  • Then type a new password in password reset page
  • Now you can use this changed password to access your Outlook account Contact Microsoft customer support if you face any problem during Outlook password change.



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