How To Install Windows In MAC Via Windows Toll Free Number ?

Using Boot Camp option installation can be done of Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista in MAC and user should keep in mind the requirements before installation. ISO file of Windows 7 should be there and supported version of Windows should be also present. A proper internet connection is required for the installation of OS and 30 GB free disk space is recommended for the installation.

Here are the steps to install Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista in MAC –

  • Start the MAC system in macOS and make sure MAC support the latest version of Windows to be installed.
  • User need to create a disk image to work with Boot Camp if the copy of Windows is on a DVD.
  • Connect the USB flash drive and make sure it is connected till the installation is completed.
  • From the ‘Utilities’ folder open Boot Camp Assistant.
  • Select the option for creating a Windows install disk and download the latest version which support Apple software. Click ‘Continue’ to move forward.
  • Choose the Windows installation ISO and click ‘Continue’. Now close the Boot Camp Assistant once user sees the option ‘Download Support Software for Windows 7’.
  • Make sure user have the drivers for the Windows and MAC version to be used and click the link in the table for download.
  • Once download is completed then double click it from the Finder.
  • Open the folder and drag them to the USB Flash Drive. Once prompted to replace the existing items click ‘Yes’.
  • Again open the Boot Camp Assistant and click ‘Continue’.
  • Select the option install the latest version and click ‘Install’.
  • MAC will start automatically once the installation is completed and when it is asked regarding the installation path, select the ‘BOOTCAMP’ partition.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions and installation of Windows on MAC will be completed.

In case of assistance and help dial Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista toll free number and get instant help. Remotely technical assistants will provide installation steps suited for the user system. Also solve all other Windows issue over the helpline number.

Steps To Fix The Issue Of Windows Not Booting

Sometimes the issues like the black screen in windows or the windows fail to boot occurs.These are the serious issues that need to be dealt with care.Most probably this failing of booting of the windows 10 occurs due to the master boot record so here you have to make the repairs to the master boot record in order to get the things back on the track.
So in the troubleshooting steps could be easily known by calling on the Windows 8 Toll Free Number, you have to do as written below:-

  • You have to prepare a start up repair- that involves the booting into the recovery environment and then performing a start up repair.
  • Now in order to access the recovery environment you have to first turn your computer on and off three times.
  • Here one more thing you need to consider is that while booting you only turn off the computer when you sees the windows logo.
  • And when you are done then after the third time the windows will automatically boot in the diagnostics mode.
  • So there you have to click on the advanced options at the time when the recovery screen appears.
  • Now just in case you are not able to start the repair then you have to try to use your windows installation media in order to fix this issue and this involves the steps such as first of click on the troubleshooting option.
  • Followed by tapping on the advanced settings option, Followed by clicking on the start the repair option.
  • And then you have to click on the command prompt option.
  • And just in case you do not have the installation media then you have to use s new computer to create a windows 10 USB bootable flash drive.

These are the easy steps to help you deal with your issue, if these steps does not help you then you can choose the easy method of seeking the help from the experts by calling on the Windows 8 Helpline Number.You will be able to get the better alternatives and that too in no time.And then by doing as the experts says your system would start working in the normal manner i.e without any more glitches.