How to Recover Google Account With Google Account Recovery Number 

Google account is used by the billions of users to access various Google services. Users can easily access their Google account on various devices and also send and receive emails. But often they face lots of issues whenever they try to use their Google account for any purpose. One issue that is mostly faced by the users is Google Account Recovery Number that mostly required whenever users forget their password or someone hacked their Google account. In such conditions, the only way to get back to the account is that you need to recover your Google account with recommended ways.

Google provides a list of password recovery methods and recovers through phone number is one of the best methods. But what to do if someone forgets their phone number associated with Google account ? Then Google account recovery is also possible through the below steps:

  • First of all, go to the official password recovery page of Google and then enter your Google address.
  • Click on Next and then skip the step asking your last password.
  • Choose a method of recovery via security questions and then provide the answer to all the security questions correctly.
  • Now enter a new password for your Google account and then re-enter to complete the procedure.

How to Easily Recover Google Account Without Phone Number

For processing the Google account recovery, the user can follow the process that is mentioned below. These steps that are mentioned will help the user in creating their new password as the old password cannot be recovered. User may also dial the Google Account Recovery Number and can get their specific details from the Google executives available on this number. Besides, user should be careful while processing the recovery steps as any wrong step can even block the user's gmail account. 

  • The user first of all is needed to open the web browser on their working systems. 
  • Then, enter in the browser’s address bar and select enter. 
  • By doing this the user will get to the official gmail page. 
  • Now, the user is supposed to select email menu and should enter their google email address in it correctly. 
  • Once done, click on forgot password and move further to the next step. 
  • In the password menu, the user can enter their last gmail password, but if they don’t remember it then they can click on different question so as to recover the password. 
  • After selecting this option, the user should go to the verification process and should mention their substitute email address for the same. 
  • The user should enter their valid alternate email address and that too correctly. 
  • By entering the alternate email address, user will get a verification link on that particular email address. 
  • User should follow the link and in the page opened they should enter their new password correctly. 
  • The new password should be entered twice so as to make the confirmation. 
  • Lastly when the password is entered twice, the user should select the save menu so as to confirm and save the password.  

So, by these mentioned steps the user can process the Google Account Recovery Without Phone Number and can easily get back the access of their gmail account. But the user should remember to have an alternate email address as without this, the recovery method would not be possible. 

One of the Best Way to Recover Google Account  Without Phone Number

Having account on Google, makes it easy to access all of Google. With the account on Google, you can access the G -Mail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Play Store, your Google Drive, Google Calendar, your Google photos.

However, if you have forgotten your Google Account password or someone has hacked into your account and changed your password which makes it impossible to access your account, then, you need to recover your account.

Besides, if you activated two-step recovery method and you are unable to access your phone number, then, you can make Google Account Recovery without Phone Number using following steps:

  • Open your browser.

  • Type “Google account recovery page” in the search bar of your browser.

  • Click on the Account result of the Google.This directs you to the account recovery page of Google.

  • Enter the E -Mail ID of the account which you need to recover.

  • Click Next.

  • On the next page, it asks you to enter the last password which you remember, click on “Try Another Way”.

  • Since, you have set two-step verification, it will ask you to enter the phone number, but, you can’t access your phone number, so, click on “ I don’t my phone  

  • Next page asks you to “when did you create this account” , if you remember then enter the credentials, otherwise, click on “Try Another Way”.

  • On the next page, you need to enter the primary E -Mail address, a verification code will be sent to your primary E -Mail address.

  • Open the primary E -Mail in next tab and click on the link sent by Google and follow the instructions accordingly.

  • You need to enter and re-enter the password.

  • Once you have set the password, log -out and log -in again using the new password.

Using the above step, recover your Google account.