How to Contact Norton Technical Support to Fix Issues ?

Norton is one of the major names in the field of cybersecurity field which provides strong protection against any kind of attacks. The company has built a reputation for itself in the field of data protection against from various forms of  whether its ransomware, malware or the Dos Attacks. It’s effective antivirus programming helps in fixing any bugs or corrupted files as well as removing the junk which sometimes creates issue while working. Norton has decades of experience in providing great services to their customer has always remains on the customer expectation. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the key issue user face is regarding How to Install Norton Antivirus ?
In those circumstances, user can better take assistance from the customer support team or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, user needs to put the disc into the CD-Rom.
  • And then double click on my computer icon in the desktop.
  • Further user needs to click on my computer window and then afterwards double click on CD icon which are on the desktop.
  • Afterwards the opening screen appeas and then click on Install Norton Antivirus online.
  • Further user needs to agree on terms and condition and then click on Next to keep installing the software.
  • Again, agree to the license agreement and click on Next.
  • Now choose the destination folder and then select a folder from the Norton Antivirus online software.
  • Now, one cna choose the customer install depending upon one choice and then wait for few minutes.
  • Once the software is installed then restart the computer 
  • Afterwards user needs to put the norton activation key into the My service pin. 
  • Once the software activation is complete user needs to run the live prompt.

Inspite of the fact if the user faces any problem related to the installation of the software or the uninstallation of the software then it’s better to take the assistance from their technical support team. But only few know the way to how to contact Norton Antivirus Technical support. In order to so, user needs to follows these simple steps :

  • Type the Norton web address in the web browser.
  • Then Click on the support tab at the top of the website.
  • Choose the problem from your FAQ’s and look for the soluiton
  • Further select the product from the list of the options which you are facing the problem.
  • Scroll down below to the customer support.
  • Then user will get a list of phone numbers and email address.
  • Choose the phone number according to your regions and then give a call.

Their representatives will make sure that all your concerns should be noted down properly and effective measures should be taken on immediate basis in order to fix the problem. They have a well qualified and certified technical experts which have tons of experience to handle any complex problem and helps them resolve on immediate basis.