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 How Can You Find the IP address of your computer?

The IP address of your computer provides the identity for your network or device. whether it is local or massive network, a unique IP address is needed by every website but what if you have to find the IP address of your computer? Let us have a look at the solution or you can contact on computer support phone number for more help.

  Use the command prompt:

  1. The first step is to open the command prompt. You have to press Windows+ R and type CMD into the field. Then, you can press enter option to open the command prompt.
  2. The following step is to run the “ipconfig” tool. You have to type “ipconfig” and press enter. Doing so will display the list of your network connection information.
  3. After that, you can find your IP address. The connection that you are using might be Ethernet adopter, labeled Wireless Network Connection or Local area connection. Find your active connection and hunt for IPv4 address which will be four sets of digits with three digits per set. Plus, you will find the long ipconfig printout, so you may have to scroll down to get the IPv4 address.

   Finding Your Windows Private IP using the secure Network Connections

  1. You have to open the network connection windows. You can quickly access this window by pressing windows R and typing ncpa.cpl. Then, you have to press enter to open the window.
  2. Now Right-click on the active connection. Choose status from the dropdown menu. This will open the status window of the connection.
  3. Open the network connection detail window and click on the detail button. It will open the internal IP address that will be listed.

You can also call computer support phone number to resolve your issue. They will provide you quick and the best solution.

How To Find Computer Technicians Near Me?

As a computer device is the collaboration of various integrated tools and software and therefore encountering glitches is very common. So to fix out the glitches, moving far is not an effective option. Users can easily search for computer technicians near me to get rid of the computer related issues. 

Computer technicians are specialized in their respective field and therefore provide effective solutions to fix any computer related issues. Users confronting either hardware or software issues related to their computer, locating computer technicians in nearby locations is the best option.

There are a number of customers seeking information on how to contact computer technicians near me. So, to help of all the customers here is the complete information to end their search. 

How to locate computer technicians:

Finding computer technicians in nearby locations is never an issue. Users can easily reach out computer technicians by dialing the computer support number. Also, reaching the technicians using the email address is also preferred by the customers as one can avail assistance even from the remote locations.

Moreover, contacting the local computer technicians by visiting the regional office is considered the best way as users can directly get connected and can state the concern more precisely.

Apart from these services, customers can also use Google navigation to locate the computer technicians and can easily fix out the problems. 

Here is the list of services offered by computer technicians:

Local computer technicians are expert in repairing peripheral devices, fixing software errors and repairing wear and tear issues. Also, they offer reliable and specific support to users. The various services provided by the technicians include:

  • Setup and installation services.
  • Repairing hardware parts.
  • Troubleshooting windows related issues.
  • Removal of viruses and malware.

Moreover, users can dial computer support phone number to get help in fixing various issues related to computer. One can get on-demand assistance over the phone by contacting the customer support team. 

Why contacting local computer technician is helpful?

Here may be a number of reasons why contacting local technicians is an effective mechanism:

  • The technicians provide the best services at an economic cost
  • Remote assistance can also be availed.
  • Provides effective solutions for all sorts of problems.
  • Offers services as per the customer needs.
  • Provides guaranteed and assured services

It is quite easy to avail of the repair services over the phone or via email.

Hence, on the basis of discussed information, it is recommended to reach the computer technicians in your near location to resolve any sort of computer glitches.

How Do I Find Live Computer Technicians Near Me?

Check Out How To Find Computer Technicians Nearby

The repairing of computers, laptops, printers and other hardware devices that are operated by users is done by a computer technician. They can resolve the issues of hardware configurations along with installation and updates of computer software.

If a user is facing any issue regarding the hardware or software, the computer support phone number can be dialed and the computer technician can be consulted. The common issues resolved by the technician are mentioned below:

  • In the field of IT, they are in the company to maintain the databases and facilitate the system utilization.
  • In their job, the data management, librarian functions, etc. are also included.
  • They are responsible for the hardware, software and the other electronics also.
  • A number of technicians work as a hobby whereas others are enthusiastic as a professional in the work field.
  • While doing hardware job, they need to work on the laptops, servers, desktops, etc. All kind of peripherals and storage devices are also included in this job.
  • In the case of software, the installing, uninstalling, reinstalling of the software and applications is done.

In order to contact them, the user has to find them and the ways by which they can be contacted is listed below:

  • The user can contact the nearby people, friends, local store, etc. to get the info about the technicians.
  • Today’s world is a technology world where everything is available online. The info about the computer technicians could be searched online in the web browsers.
  • The good technicians will charge more money in comparison to the local ones as they are aware of the latest tools and technologies.
  • A technician could be found through the chain of computer support, stores or office supply related to the computer services. That is why the user can contact them for help.
  • Before contacting the technician, the user must check the online reviews and in case of local technician, the people nearby should be contacted.
  • There are number of technicians who offer on-site support by visiting user’s place. It will help in avoiding the mess caused during the pick-drop of the device.
  • Some companies are there who won’t charge in case the issue is unresolved.
  • Before the visit, user should confirm that either the technician will charge according to the work or on the hourly basis.

For any help in finding the technician, the computer technical support number can be dialed. The technical department of the company will give detailed knowledge about the services that are offered by them and details could be searched online by giving a phone call.




29 Jun, 2019

How to format the hard disk?


19 Jul, 2019

In order to format Hard Disk using Disk Management system, the users may apply the set of instructions mentioned below. The users may dial Computer Support Number so as to contact the technical experts.

  • The user needs to open the Start section.
  • Then, the user needs to search for Disk Management and then click on the top result so as to open the experience.
  • Thereafter, the user needs to right-click on the new hard drive and then the user needs to select the Format option.
  • In the "Value label" field, the user needs to type a descriptive name for the drive.
  • Then, the user needs to use the "File system" drop-down menu, and then select NTFS (recommended for Windows 10).
  • Just after this, the user needs to use the "Allocation unit size" drop-down menu, and then select the Default option.
  • Lastly, the user needs to check and perform a quick format option.
  • If it is required, the user needs to clear the Enable file and folder compression option.
  • Then, the user needs to click on the ok button.



28 Jun, 2019

How to update the window with the help of computer support number?


28 Jun, 2019

For the smooth working of windows OS, a client should refresh its customary premise. The updates could either be manual or programmed. On the off chance that the client has no clue about how to refresh Windows OS, the PC specialized help number can be dialed for any sort of assistance. To get notices for the most recent accessible update, the client can turn on the alternative for standard warnings. So as to refresh the Windows, a client can pick the choice of programmed refreshes. The means to turn on the programmed update in Windows 10 are referenced beneath:

  • In the initial step, the client needs to open the Windows update in PC or workstation by tapping on Start> Settings> Update and security.
  • In the following stage, Advanced choices have browsed the rundown.
  • From that point onward, under the choice of Choose how updates are introduced, the client needs to check the container which is required. For notices of the update, the client is required to choose the alternative of Give me refreshes for other Microsoft items when I update.
  • The program updates will assist the client with availing the most recent form of the working framework which will improve the experience.



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I reset my computer by following the above steps. Clearly explained and in brief.



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