How to Delete Paypal Account 

Paypal account is basically a service that allows you to pay, send money or accepts  the payments. So the users can say that it is one of  the wallet and a wallet company always serves as  a layer in between the users as well as a bank. Paypal payment processor is basically the safest as well as the trusted channel that could be used  for the international transactions in ease. It is really a safe as well as a secure  platform that you can add to your device so that you can use it for the easy transactions. Now in case you want to know the ways by which you can easily use the paypal account then you have to simply follow the steps that are mentioned below:-

  • In case you want to do the instant transfer with the help of the paypal account.
  • Then you have to first of all register for the paypal account for which you have to enter some of the important details.
  • Once are done with the entering of the information then you just need to enter some other information related to the credit or the debit cards.
  • So you have to simply register your credit or the debit card  then only you will  be able to do the transaction.
  • Then you just need to add the receipent to which you want to send the money.
  • Now one thing that you have to note here is that  you need not have to pay for  the paypal account if you are using it for the purchase of some goods or the services.

But just in case you do not do that and you are using this account for the receiving of the money in your account then you have to pay some amount for it. In case of any queries you can simply call on the paypal customer service number.

Now just in case you feel that you do not want the PayPal account and you want to delete it then you have to simply follow the steps that are mentioned below or you can contact PayPal customer service number:-

  • Here you have to first of all have to login to the paypal account wth the help of the credentials that you may have at the time of the registration.
  • After that you just have to click on the profile near the top  of the page.
  • After  that you just need to click on the my settings account.
  • Once you do so then  you just need to click on the option that says close account.
  • So as you tap on this option in the accounts section, then you simply need to go ahead to follow  the steps that comes  on your screen  and then you will be able to close your account.

Now just in case you are not able to do as written above or you face any other issue in the management of the paypal account then you just need not have to take any tension. Instead of that you just have to talk to the techies from the company to get their help. And for that  what you need to do is to simply dial the paypal customer service number. By doing so you will be able to get in touch with the talented people who can give you all the answers to your issues in no time.