Know Correct SMTP Settings by Calling SBCGlobal Toll Free Number !

If you are using SBCglobal mail then you have to ensure to configure SMTP settings which are directly responsible for the delivery of a mail. Every SBCglobal email user should go for configuring these settings. Although it is easy for a lot of users, yet some users are unknown to these settings. So, when they are confused about these settings, they only call SBCglobal toll free number to know about these settings. However if you do not want to call this number then you can take help from the SMTP settings which are mentioned below:-

Username: Your email id

Server Hostname:

Server Port: 465

Authentication: Password


The above settings are easy to be configured by the ones who are SBCglobal email users and want no any disturbance in their email delivery. Once they configure these settings, their task is done and they can enjoy using their email without any interruption. Although it is easy to understand these settings yet many users do not have a knowledge of using these settings. These users are not supposed to worry a lot if they can’t follow the information which is given above. They can contact the customer support technicians for any help they need regarding SMTP settings. These efficient tech support officials are very sincere and are responsible for proffering best services from their side. These experts are always keen to hand over the valuable information to the users so that the users might not have any kind of difficulty while using SBCglobal email. For getting this information they only know the methodology to get their support. They have different means to get their assistance regarding knowing the SMTP settings. Either they can go for chat assistance,email assistance or phone assistance to get their doubts cleared. Hence if you are the one who is confused about the SMTP settings of SBCglobal email, then all you need to do is to call SBCglobal helpline number straightaway.