How to Fix Unable to Hear During Calls on iPhone?

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What are the issues which has been solved by iPhone customer service team?

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    2. How to enable iPhone when it will get disabled again?
    3. How is it possible to get windows XP on iPhone?
    4. What to do when iPhone is not turning on?
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There are number of issues that has been solved by customer service team.Here,individual can see the solution of one:-

What should I do when I unable to hear calls on iPhone?

    • It is required to make sure that the volume has been turned up
    • Individual should look that there is jack issue or not
    • There is also need to look after the bluetooth interface,may be user will not be able to hear call due to this
    • Also,there is need to clean the speakers
    • However, there is need to look that whether the connection is loose
    • Check whether there is speaker mode or not
    • Now,there is need to check that whether aeroplane mode is on or not
    • User should now reset to factory settings

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