How to Create Google Map ?

Google maps is an amazing application. With this app in you hand, you can travel the whole world at your own. It can show you directions, it can show you all the details like how long it will take to reach the destination if you go by bus, or train or by air etc. The application works well with many devices like laptops, smart phones and ipad, iphone etc. The application guide with 99.99% of accuracy so it is highly trusted and recommended by millions of people around the world.

The best part of Google Maps is that it can be accessed by user as he wants. User can create, open, edit, view and change the way it looks the map. Some maps user cannot edit. So here it is discussed how user can create Google Map.

  • First, user have to have a Google account. So sign in.
  • Then go to My Maps.
  • Click on Create Map.
  • On the left side, click on Untitled Map.
  • Name the map and add the details.
  • Drag the jagged line to draw the route while the map is in Edit mode.
  • Add text under the headings if you wish.
  • Save the map and now user can also get that print if required.

User can add description of the map. He can then edit, delete or change the map. Customized maps are always required specially when user is organizing an event and want everybody to know the location according to him. User can make it private or public and share it, that depends upon his choice. If there is any issue and thus user should call at the Google Toll Free Number immediately. This phone is all the time active with many technical experts from Google on the line always. They can guide user in resolving technical issues, in understanding the features and there working. Keep the Google Helpline Number with you always.