What Dell Tools Can I Use to Diagnose and Fix Hardware Problems?

Use various diagnostic tools of Dell for fixing your Hardware problems

Many times, it happens that the users face a large number of performance issues in their PCs which is caused by a hardware component which is unknown to the users. So, to help all those users, the expert techies of the Dell Toll Free Number have brought some effective diagnostic tools with the help of which you would be able to fix the hardware problems in your PC. Below mentioned are those diagnostic tools in detail.

Dell Quick Test:

This is an online diagnostic tool provided to all the users by the experts of Dell Helpline Number. This test will scan the hard disc, memory along with the optical disc of your PC.
To start this test, go to the official page of the DELL PC DIAGNOSTICS and all you have to do is to click on the button named as RUN QUICK TEST.
Make sure that you have a Dell Detect application on your device through which your device can be detected using Quick test.
Now, install the Dell SupportAssist application and you will observe that the diagnostic tests have been initiated.

Dell Pre-boot System Assessment:

This is an offline assessment tool which captures the error codes on your device.
To run this tool, restart your PC and wait until the Dell logo appears.
As soon as this logo appears on the screen, you have to press the F12 key on your keyboard several times until you will see the boot mode on the screen.
Now select the Diagnostics option using the down arrow key on your keyboard and press Enter.
After that, you will see some prompts on the screen for which you have to write the correct answers in order to complete the assessment.
In the final step of this procedure, the Dell Customer Service Number experts suggest everyone to note down all the error codes and the find their relevant information using Dell Interactive Support Agent.