It is very easy to change or reset the MAC password on the Apple device. The password feature enables easy connection to internet and can be set from the AirPort Utility. This article will provide the necessary steps to change or reset Apple Wi-Fi password. Contact the support experts for help and assistance.

Here are the steps to reset Wi-Fi password on MAC

  • Open MAC HD and click on ‘Applications’.
  • Next choose the option of ‘Utilities’ and click ‘AirPort Utility’.
  • In the smaller window, click on ‘Edit’.
  • Now at top of the window, click on ‘Wireless’ tab.
  • Type the new password in the box next to ‘Wireless Password’. Also, verify the password.
  • To avoid having your computer store two different password for the same wireless network name, it is recommended to change the ‘Wireless Network Name’.
  • At the lower right of the window click on ‘Update’. Wait for some time for the restart of AirPort Extreme.

Next, let us look at the steps to change the Wi-Fi channel on the Apple Airport router. It will be helpful if the users are having trouble with the Wi-Fi connection and will be applicable to Apple Airport Extreme, Airport Express and Time Capsule routers. Dial Apple toll free number for the best steps related to Apple Wi-Fi password change.

Here are the steps to change the Wi-Fi channel –

  • Click on ‘Applications’ to open Airport Utility. Now click ‘Airport Utility’.
  • Click on the Airport device and then on ‘Edit’.
  • Select the ‘Wireless’ option now.
  • All the Wi-Fi settings will be on this particular page. Enter a new password in box labelled ‘Wireless Password’. Also, confirm it in the box labelled ‘Verify Password’.
  • Also, change the security type and wireless network name. Once the settings are set correctly click ‘Update’.

Contact Apple customer service for the best help and assistance related to Apple Wi-Fi password change. Support experts are the professionals who can help best with the Wi-Fi troubleshooting. Simply dial Apple support number to get the best assistance. Support experts provide instant assistance over the helpline number.




12 May, 2020

Very Good procedure informed here. Definitely we use Apple Toll free number if we ever need this.



17 Jun, 2020

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