Recover Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Gmail is the widely acknowledged service provider to share, transfer and gather information across the internet or the globe as well. This Gmail account is featured with multiple option to send, receive or save the information in the storage of Gmail account.

If you are looking to get into the account, then username and the password entered must be in the required format to easily sign-in into the account. But most of us may come across some serious issues p while login. This could be possible when someone else tried to access your account, in that case you may lose the access of your account so get recover your Gmail account by following these simple below-mentioned points and activate the two factor authentication to prevent the attack or hackers or cyber criminals. So here we have mentioned some of the basic steps to recover Gmail password without phone number.


Steps to Recover Gmail password


  • In the initial stage of the process, first users are required to move to the Gmail sign-in page
  • Further, user are required to Click on the forgot password to accelerate the process.
  • Following above, now enter the details of the last password you remember
  • If the user forgot the password, you should tap and try the different question to confirm the identity of gmail account
  • In the next move, now user will be asked to provide the details of the secondary email address that the user used to configure the Gmail account
  • Further, now the user will receive a link in secondary email address
  • Now the user will receive a six digit verification code that allows you to set up new password
  • Now the user become able to Reset the password of the Gmail
  • In the last step effort, user can create a combination of strong password of the alphabets and the characters.

Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery Email

Did you know that you can recover the account password without having any security authentication attached to it? If no then you should know that yes there is a way through which users can easily get their things done easily. Gmail has made possible for the users to get their password recovered by following an alternate email authentication. Users who are willing to get their password recovered by this procedure can simply move down the below mentioned tutorial and get their password recovered instantly. Users should know that the certified technicians advice is also available which can be availed by the users at any point of time by dialing the 24/7 Gmail Password Recovery toll free phone number. However, users are first advice to go through the manual procedure by following the below mentioned user friendly steps.

Steps to recover the Gmail password without a recovery phone number or email:

    • Open the browser of the choice and then visit the Gmail account recovery page by searching it in the address bar and found recovery link then open the recovery page.
    • When opened then simply select “I don't know my password” from the list of available options and then they can click on “Continue”.
    • Users will now require selecting “I don't know” as they do not have mobile number or email linked with their mail id.
    • Users can then choose secret answer mode for recovering the account password.
    • Users can now provide answers to the security questions which they may have set at the time of creating an account.
    • When correctly answered all the questions then users will be offered with an option through which they can create a strong and secure password for their mail account.
    • Users can now login to their email account via their desired username and newly created account password to start uninterrupted mailing services.

How to Change the Email Address on Gmail

Gmail has become the major email for its users to be used as an email service. Ever since it has been launched and introduced, people are fond of this email all over the world. And Gmail has almost around 1 billion people attached to Gmail and its numerous services in different regions and languages. This is famous for not only for sending or receiving emails but other services as well like storing the backup, creating records, documents and presentations etc. Unlike any other email, Gmail has a lot of additional features which fascinates the people in every other way. 

Now one more interesting feature exclusive for Gmail users is now to change the email address on Gmail in case they are using any other email along. This feature was introduced keeping in mind the users who have another email simultaneously and they can use Gmail and another email without any issue. Now, to make this possible, let us tell you how to change the email address on Gmail without deactivating the current account. The user can either contact Email technical support number or follow the steps below. 

Learn Simple Steps to Change Email Address 

  1. Open a web browser and go to from the search bar.   

  2. Enter the username and password to enter into the account.

  3. When the Gmail inbox is displayed in front of you, go to the settings icon from the top right corner.

  4. Select the option of “Accounts and Import” from the settings menu bar and tap on “Add another email address” option. 

  5. A new window is displayed in front of you where the user is required to choose the email account and then type the email address and password and then tap “Next”. 

  6. It might take some time to add the account and then you will be notified successfully when the account is added and saved. 

  7. The user has a choice to select which account to make the default account and then select which email address will be used while sending the emails. 

Therefore with the help of the above steps, the users can easily add their email address and I hope there is no such requirement to contact Email support number. However, if the user is facing any complications then he is always welcomed. 


Contacting the Email Helpline 

The users who are facing any issues are free to contact their respective email helpline number. The email technical support number is the toll-free number present to give resolutions any time of the day due to its 24/7 activity. 

Are You Unable To Recover The Gmail Password Via The Security Mail Authentication 

If you are facing difficulties in recovering the mail account password via the security mail authentication then you can’t sit idle and leave things as it. This may lead to tremendous delay in productivity as well as time. A safe option for the users in such cases would be to seek advice from the certified technicians by dialing the 24/7 Gmail Password Reset toll free phone number. Users can wait for sometimes until they remote access the users system and when done and users have agreed to it then troubleshooting of the issue will be instantly. Users can also gain all the necessary tips to create a strong and secure password for the mail account from the immensely qualified and certified technicians. The other modes through which issues can be resolved are onsite assistance and live chatting and mail support.

How to Recover Gmail Account

Gmail remains for electronic mail and it is and it is one of the most advanced features of Google. It is considered as an outstanding amongst other mode to send and get messages electronically. Gmail is a free, promoting advertisement and provides  email benefit created by Google. It is one of the easy to understand and techno agreeable element of Google. Gmail has 1.2 billion dynamic users worldwide,  and was the main application on the Google Play Store to hit one billion establishments on Android gadgets. There are various establishments and workplaces which are the boundless administrations also. Gmail has never neglected to fulfill its users by offering amazing features and extraordinary services.

Sometimes users may forget either their email or password which makes it difficult to access their Google account. Here in this tutorial we are providing some easy steps regarding how to recover Gmail account. Below mentioned are steps of the same.

  • First of all users need to go to the Google Account Recovery page.
  • After reaching there users need to enter their email address and click Continue.
  • If users  are asked to enter the last password you remember, users have to click on  I don't know option.
  • After all the above mentioned procedures users have to verify their identity which is located under all of the other options.

Once all the procedures  are completed users can access their Gmail account without any difficulties. If in case users are any problems they can directly contact to customer care services. They will provide them easy and cheap services.




26 Sep, 2019

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