How to Configure iTunes for Multiple Users? Contact Itunes Support Number 

iTunes is a media player that alows the users to save and listen to their favourite music whenver the user wishes to. The users may create their own playlist to listen to songs.tehre are many special features instilled in iTunes that makes it versatile and uniue as well.

Configure iTunes for Multiple user?

The users may be able to configure iTunes for multiple users in the following ways. The below listed steps will let the user configure iTunes for mutiple users.

  • First of all the users need to iTunes if it is running.

  • Then the users need to hold down the option key (on mac) or the Shift key (windows) .

  • The users may then click the iTunes icon inorder to launch the program.

  • Thereafter the user needs to keep holding the key. The user needs to continue to keep down the key until the pop-up window appears.

  • Then the users may create library. By creating mutiple iTunes libraries on the computer, the users may configure iTunes for multiple users.

Listed above are the ways by which the users may configure iTunes for Multipe users. In case the users face any issue, then the users may contact iTunes Customer Service Number for talking to the technical experts for getting the issues resolved and that too at any point of time.