How To Block Senders In Gmail | Block Unwanted Emails

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. Users can access it in their phones using the Gmail app. It is compatible with all kinds of software in various phones. Gmail has helped and made users life easy in terms of easy exchange of mails be it sending or receiving it. There are times when you start receiving unwanted mails which hinder you work. Such mails and users can be blocked if you want them to.

Here are two ways in which you can block a sender from your Gmail account:

You can’t block messages from any address or domain in Gmail all you can do is you can set up filters in order to block the unwanted message which would directly go to trash.

Use  Gmail Extension

If you are using chrome as your default browser ass the block sender from Gmail extension from the Google web store
Now open Gmail and then open any message that you want to block. In your mail after the downloading of the above mentioned is completed you would see block button which has been added now. Pressing this button will create a Gmail filter hence, blocking the sender.
Now a confirmation message would be shown allowing you to take back your option by pressing undo. Once the procedure is completed the future messages from the particular sender will skip your inbox and enter trash.
Manually set up the filter

First of all log in to your account and identify which sender you want to block.
Now click on the triangle which would be present on the top right side of the screen. A window would now appear select All Mail in the drop down which would now appear.
Enter in the sender you want to block. Type the email address of the user that you want to block from sending you mails
Now click on the create filter with search. A new window would appear containing a number of possible actions to be applied in the search criteria.
Select delete it by click on the check box. Now the entire messages which have been received from the particular email address would now be sent to trash and no more messages would be received through that account.
If the above mentioned steps did not block the user you wanted to you can contact the Gmail helpline number. You will be directly connected to the expert wherein you can place your entire query and get response for the same instantly.

You can also contact the Gmail toll free number in order to seek assistance. This is provided by Google so that the users stay at ease if there is any problem and so that the experts could handle the same and give them solutions. This number is available at any point of time as it is present 24*7 throughout the year