How To Add Signature In Gmail ?

Gmail is the free web mail service ,which is created by google.Any user can have access to gmail on web as well as other devices like on iPhone or android phone,tablets and other devices which have access to the internet.initially gmail offered storage of 1 gigabyte for the users but now it offers the storage capacity of 15 gigabyte for free . Gmail is the most widely used web mail service world wide. Gmail also have interesting features like mail with the signature to make your email more professional . Contact Gmail Toll Free Number for instant help.

How To Add Signature In Gmail ?

  • First of all to perform the procedure you will have to log in to gmail with the email address in which you want to add the signature.
  • Now you have to click on the gear icon present on the upper right corner of the screen and then you have to select the “setting” option from the drop down menu that will appear.
  • After the setting option you have to scroll down some deep to search the option signature section along with the pop up window that would appear with your email address.
  • Now to Add Signature in Gmail, you will notice a signature field where you can type anything that you want in your signature .After that you can also use the text formatting tools to modify your text or signature.signatures usually include your name , your contact information or may be your your workplace address and title.
  • By using the text formating tool you can change the colour, size font weight etc of your text . your signature should be very elegant to read to look professional to your recipient .
  • There is also provision to link your signature to other websites also to do so you can click the the “link” option which is present at the top of the signature field.
  • After clicking to the link it will direct you to the window with options for you add the websites you want to link or you can also add the actual address ,which means you can also link to the other accounts as well.
  • There is also an option for the users to create different signature for different account if you have linked it with your gmail account. For that you have to click on the dropbox menu just above the signature field and then you can choose the account to add the signature for.
  • You can also position your signature in your mail which means you can place the signature accordingly below some quote or before, for that you need to check right the box present at the bottom of the signature text case you leave the box uncheck then you signature will appear under any quote.

You can follow the above mentioned steps for How to Add Signature In Gmail to your account. If any user still come across any issue related to the adding of the signature or any other technical issue if arise then the user can contact Gmail Toll Free Number . gmail has a team of expert technicians that will assist you for any technical issue . experts are available all the time the users can discuss their issue over phone with the expert and seek help .gmail helpline number is toll free and works 24/7 for the gmail users to contact the experts any time needed.