How to Recover Google Account by Google Phone Number ?

Is your Google account not responding while signing it on the official Google website? Have you done all essential efforts however you are having the same error and trying to make it fix soon but failed each time? Oho! so bad isn't it. This is not big deal as it happens with everyone and most of the users always either forget their password or lost it suspiciously. So you are completely on that stage where you have left the only option is Google Account Recovery  by Google Phone Number or any alternate resources that will help you to enter the new password to access your account back on your device with ease.

What are the Exact ways to recover your Google account simply ?

There are several ways leading to recovering the password of your Google account. If you are having an alternate email address and mobile phone number, you can send a verification code on your given resources but if you don’t have these things you can use security or captcha code that will help you to recover Google account password pretty simply

Here are the ways on Google Account Recovery without Phone Number:

  • At first, launch an internet browser and go to the Google account sign-in page.
  • Attempt once to enter the correct email address and password to sign in.
  • If there is an error, you can click on forgot password button and enter an alternate email address.
  • Click on verify button and check out the email account that you have entered and move to the next.
  • Enter the code into the relevant field and then click on the password recovery link on the next page.
  • Enter the new password into the new and confirm password fields at the last.

So now onward you need to make sure that you are having some of the identifications that certainly help you in recovering the password in no time.

Best Way to Get your Google Account Recovered

Everybody who is tech savvy has Google account. Google account unlocks the doors to many google services like Google docs, google cloud services, google drive, google calendar, google maps. But if you are unable to reach your account and needed to recover it,best possible way to recover your account is through using either two step verification method for Google Account Recovery or by using primary Email method:

  • Go to account recovery page.
  • Enter the email or phone number in the space provided.
  • Click on Next.
  • Account recovery page gives many options to recover your account, but click on Try Another Way until you get the option to recover your account using two step verification.
  • Enter the phone number which you had provided during account creation.
  • A verification code is sent on your mobile number.
  • Enter the verification code on account recovery page.
  • Follow the on -screen instruction to recover your Google account.
  • However, if you are uncomfortable with the two verification method, you can go for Google Account Recovery using primary email ID.
  • Enter the email ID in the space provided.
  • Open the primary email ID in the next tab.Click on the link sent by Google team.
  • Reset the password.

Log out and next time when you log in do it with new password. Remember that new password must be a combination of small letters, capital letters and numbers. Keep on updating your Google Account Password time to time so that you can save it from unauthorized access. Besides, avoid to pen down your password and password should not be common one, it should be unique one! Make sure you can access your phone number if you have activated two step verification. For more info you can contact on google phone number.