How To Recover Gmail Account With and Without Date Of Birth

Gmail user can also set Date of birth as their security question and further provide the same correctly and successfully recover their account. Gmail account recovery with and without Date of Birth is explained below one by one.

Gmail Account Recovery By Date Of Birth

Follow the steps given below to recover Gmail account by providing your Date of Birth that you have set as security question:

  • Open Gmail recovery web page and type the Gmail address you wish to recover
  • Click next and submit any last password of the same account that you remember or you can select ‘Try Another Way’ if you don’t remember any old password
  • Next choice you will get to receive account verification code for in your mobile tap I don’t have my phone to proceed further
  • Then you will get the choice to receive code in your alternate email ID again skip this step by tapping Try Another Way
  • At last you will get the choice to answer your security question tap to open your question
  • If you have set your DOB as security question then provide the same correctly to proceed towards Gmail account recovery
  • Your Gmail account will be verified by Google based on the DOB you have entered and then password reset page will open
  • Type a new password twice and set the same as your Gmail password

This is how you can easily recover Gmail account via SMS or DOB with the help of the steps given above. Contact Google Tech Support for any help during account recovery.


Gmail Account Recovery Without Date Of Birth

Do you need to recover your Gmail account? As you know that Gmail account recovery is conveniently possible with the date of birth when the user has set the same as a security question. However, what if you want to recover your Gmail account without providing your birth date? Well, for the knowledge you must know that the recovery of the Gmail account is very much attainable through access to a few other details like a registered mobile number or alternate email. Therefore, the steps for recovering your Gmail account without date of birth are as given below.

  • Open your browser and visit Gmail recovery link on it
  • Next, enter your Gmail ID and then press continue
  • After that provide your last password or hit try another way button
  • Next, the option for receiving a code from Gmail in registered number will appear
  • Select Text or Call button to get a code in your registered mobile
  • After receiving the code, submit it accurately on the Gmail recovery window
  • Then password reset window appears once account is verified
  • Or you can choose I don’t have my phone if the registered number no longer exists
  • Next, the option for receiving a code in alternate email will arrive
  • Tap send button, then login to your recovery email and grab the code which is send by Gmail
  • After that, again go back to recovery window and submit the code correctly in assigned box
  • Hereafter, password reset window will appear again
  • At last, type a new password combination in the available boxes, then hit save button

So Gmail Account recovery without Date of Birth is preferably possible in the way as described above. However, in case you do not get successful while recovering your Gmail account or encounter some other kind of trouble, kindly get help from a technical person. Contact the customer care center of Gmail to obtaining account-related support directly from a live customer service agent.


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