How To Do Gmail SMTP Settings?

You may have seen many of the people Gmail installed in their system. An icon must have been created of Gmail account and they would be simply clicking on it to get access to it. This is popular among many of the offices for business purpose all across the world. In order to setup the mail account in the system users will be required to enter the correct SMTP settings of the mail account without which in no way they are going to access to their email account. Users who know the desired SMTP settings are well and good as they can easily setup their email account. But the users who do not know the desired procedure, what can they do? They have two options to effectively setup their Gmail SMTP settings. One is through consultation from the best technicians in the market and the other is for the users with sound knowledge in the technical domain. The other process is none other than the manual process details for which is jotted down below. But before going through the below mentioned step by step procedure users need to ensure that they have installed the Gmail SMTP plugins in their system and after then they can move down the below mentioned tutorial to get their things easily done.

Steps for Gmail SMTP settings:

Step 1: Users need to first ensure that they have chosen SMTP as the server type as this tutorial is for effective configuration of the mail account through the SMTP process.

Step 2: Users will now be required to enter the Gmail SMTP server address which would be

Step 3: After having done that users will next need to enter the Gmail SMTP username which would be the Gmail username.

Step 4: In the next step users will need to enter the password of their account which would be the Gmail password through which you have been accessing the email account.

Step 5: Next in the field of Gmail SMTP port (TLS) users will need to enter as 587 and in the field of Gmail SMTP Port (SSL) users can simply enter 465.

Step 6: Finally users will get a box named SSL requires authentication in which users can simply check on to get their things done in an effective manner or complete the configuration process in an effective manner.

The Above Mentioned Gmail SMTP Settings Did Not Work ?

Following the above mentioned steps require tremendous knowledge in the technical domain. So the users with sound knowledge in the technical domain may be finding it very easy to follow the above mentioned steps while others may be having toughest of the time in getting their things done. Such users who are not getting the above mentioned steps can easily get their task done. All they need to do is dial the 24/7 Gmail customer service toll free phone number and then the experts of the domain depending upon the mode availability will easily troubleshoot the users issues. The modes through which they have offered assistance to troubleshoot the users’ issues from the inception include remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live chatting and mail support. The reason for not getting a choice of the mode depends upon the location and availability of the technicians at that particular point of time.